Dr. Yun Lu, M.D., T.C.M., Ph.D., is a trained Traditional Chinese Medical doctor, and received his M.D. from the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, China.

Dr. Lu has always had a passion for healing people and his innate ability comes not only from his formal medical training, but also from his family’s long lineage of healers. The Lu family was royalty in the Manchurian Qing dynasty (which ruled from the mid-1600s to the early 1900s), and their role was to provide the emperor with food and herbal medicine focusing on longevity. Dr. Lu built upon his family tradition and honed his skills by training with monks in Buddhist monasteries in the art of herbal pharmacology. Healing with food and herbs is second nature to Dr. Lu who uses his training and his family’s centuries-old recipes in his Healing Cuisine meals that are served every Thursday.

Healing Cuisine is not new concept, however. This practice has a 5,000 year tradition in the East and means cooking with natural foods and Chinese herbs that are carefully combined to create yin yang balance, proper energy flow, and healing in the body’s specific systems.

Dr. Lu has taken this ancient tradition and has brought it to Ann Arbor. He has been using the concept with his patients, prescribing healing herbs and foods to combat or prevent their illnesses. In response to so many who are eager to learn about the role of herbs and how they contribute to bringing out the best healing properties of food to prevent and combat illness,  Dr. Lu has launched an innovative take-out service called Healing Cuisine .

Now, folks from the Ann Arbor community can enjoy delicious, authentic healing meals made from the freshest (and often local) ingredients and Chinese herbs that bring overall health and well-being.

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